# Linked List Basics

  • Linked list is a linear data structure which is made up of nodes connected together by pointers.

  • Each node has two main parts :

    1. Data - contains the data/value to be stored
    2. Link – contains address of the next node.
  • Each Node in a Linked List is created Dynamically.

  • A head or start pointer is used to keep track of the starting of linked list.

# Source Code - C++

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

//Creating Node Structure
struct Node{
 int data;
 Node *link;
//creating head pointer and equating to NULL
Node *head=NULL;

//Main Method
int main()
 //Creating a new Node
 Node *ptr=new Node();
 //Adding data and setting link to NULL
 //Pointing head to created Node
 cout<<"data is"<<head->data;
 return 0;